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Name the change

With a business that spans 12 diverse markets, from Brazil to the UK, McCain wanted a way to ensure local campaigns were on message and that every investment helped build the global brand. We began by bringing McCain’s local marketers together, exploring the Brand Essence, identifying common elements in local briefs, and analysing campaigns that had worked successfully. Together, we distilled this into a brand idea – the precise definition of what McCain stands for across the world. This brand idea then informed the creation of a practical process to help local marketers brief agencies and assess the quality of their creative. This included a thorough checklist to establish if creative work is on brand or not.

Make it stick

McCain now had a way of reviewing global brand communications objectively, to directly improve the quality of campaigns. But to avoid the potential pitfall of ‘workshop and walkaway’, Realise supported the roll out of the process by coaching local marketers as they wrote new briefs, and providing ongoing support to embed the new process. Today, each market still executes its creative in a different way, but all comply to the global positioning, ensuring more creative is right first time.

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