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Name the change

As a company HEINEKEN has shared many stories over the years with the most powerful have created lifelong advocates of its Brands. But with a portfolio of hundreds of Brands across the world and increasingly cluttered communications landscape HEINEKEN needed a common approach. Realise has helped HEINEKEN embed a structured StoryTelling process into its marketing planning, a process that involves all its brand and agency marketers working together with a common set of tools and language. By drawing on the age-old principles of what makes an effective story, we’ve articulated a clear process for bringing a brand narrative to life – regardless of media channel or content type.

Make it stick

We began by ensuring HEINEKEN was clear on what it wanted its brands to stand for and how those ideas should be creatively expressed. Then we created a series of models to help HEINEKEN manage multiple agencies into an efficient team delivering a consistent story. Finally, we developed a suite of StoryTelling tools which enables each brand story to unfold over time across a range of channels for maximum impact. The HEINEKEN way of StoryTelling is now applied across its global business, helping its hundreds of marketers and brands create campaigns in an integrated way, and generating a disproportionate amount of earned media coverage.

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