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Name the change

InterContinental Hotels wanted to improve the effectiveness of its sales teams with an over-arching sales philosophy and a common set of tools. But with 4,600 hotels scattered across the globe, implementing a consistent approach and effecting lasting change was a real challenge. We began by creating a framework of five modules – Setting the right goals; Building the right team; Developing the right opportunities; Winning the right business; and Measure and learn – then developed sales tools around it. As IHG wanted to move from a transactional sales model to a more flexible, responsive approach, we showed teams how to understand the needs of the buyer and find the right approach to excite them.

Make it stick

To ensure a consistent process across global sales teams, we created a five step sales model (Discover; Design; Propose; Close; Activate) designed to introduce a common language and ensure a logical process for developing sales opportunities. To ensure the programme was embedded in the teams’ everyday life, we developed ‘sales radar’ – a unique practical tool that explains the key steps of the solution selling cycle. A poster was sent to every hotel in the world and received glowing feedback from the sales teams. Now 91% of hotel owners agree that they can see an improvement in the quality and impact of the sales teams compared to three years ago.

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