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When Heineken identified a Global role for its Belgian abbey beer Affligem, it called on Realise to find the way to talk to the trade about it. Working together with the Brand team we identified that the brand could sit credibly within the super premium end of the market, we gathered a team of experts from that sector to work together to define the critical factors required for Affligem to succeed.

Make it stick

Connecting with opinion formers in the premium on-trade market was crucial to Affligem’s success. We began by designing a segmentation analysis to identify which premium bars to target. Then we articulated the brand’s story – its 1,000 year history, its connection to the monastery, and its unusual method of production – to create a powerful and credible brand narrative that’s music to beer lovers’ ears. One year on, and Affligem has been successfully rolled out around the globe.

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