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For the past three years, Realise has been working with Heineken to help its global marketing teams to think and act digitally. Designing a capability programme that would engage and inspire everyone was a huge task. We began with a discovery session, uncovering current levels of digital competency and benchmarking these to define what success would look like. Then we determined five core areas for development that would most benefit the business, and created a bespoke programme of residential workshops, online e-learning and on-going mentoring and embedding over 60 days.

Make it stick

To get marketers really engaged in the project, we set them practical tasks, including writing a Facebook advert, setting up a Pinterest page and using Google analytics. Then, to help embed these leanings into the organisation, we nurtured a team of digital evangelists who champion learning on an ongoing basis. Every participant is asked to complete an exit survey, which consistently show that people love the applied nature of the learning and that behaviour change is starting to stick. The fruit of our labour was particularly apparent at Cannes this year, where Heineken took home a record 17 awards, the majority of which focused on digital executions for the first time ever.

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