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Stephanie Ujma-Alvis


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Steph is a lover of learning in all its forms. It was during her former career in early years education that she first got hooked on how humans develop understanding and absorb information. Now in her role as graphic designer here at Realise, she spends her time growing our product portfolio and working on materials for our programmes, making the complex beautifully simple to digest.

Continually open to new ideas and concepts, Steph is a great communicator and uses her verbal skills to interrogate every brief that comes her way. By picking it apart, she aims to create a visual language that everyone will engage with and connect with, to make learning and development unforgettable, interactive and as easy as ABC.

In her spare time she searches for fresh design inspiration and embraces creativity in all its forms. She’s currently studying for more qualifications, so spare time is currently a thing of the past!