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Heinz wanted to unlock the potential of its marketing team by building their skills and inspiring them to innovate more effectively. Together, we developed a programme of 100 days of learning to create a sustainable and action-oriented plan that could change working behaviour. The result was a series of marketing missions, in which teams and individuals apply new skills and tools in a hands-on way to answer live business challenges within 100 days.

Make it stick

We immersed participants in industry best practice and outside inspiration, then introduced them to key tools to try out on a current business issue. They then used the initial outcome from these sessions to set themselves a Brand Mission. What was different was that so much of the learning took place outside the facilitated workshops, when people were back at their desks in their offices. Recently, Heinz set a marketing mission focused on innovation and creativity, which generated 42 fully visualised concepts for new products – not just initial ideas, but fully thought-through concepts that have been fed into the R&D funnel.

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