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Liz Kenrick

Liz Kenrick

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Liz loves uncovering what makes clients and businesses tick and rooting out the behaviours that get in the way of success. Committed to creating business change from the bottom up, her biggest buzz comes from seeing people, teams and businesses grow, develop and succeed.

After a classic marketing career at Mars, GSK and Centrica, Liz moved into capability to make a real difference to the culture and direction of business organisations. She co-founded Realise to reach more people, more often and to have more fun – an objective she regularly meets.

Today, Liz leads our Account Team and Business Operations. She has led major global capability programmes for clients including: Twinings, PepsiCo, Nestle, Mars and AkzoNobel. She strives to make Realise a place where people love to work and a business that clients love to work with.

Liz lives in rural Berkshire with her husband, two daughters and dog. A keen (but not very good) cyclist and runner, she is currently hoping to run her first marathon next year.