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Kirsty Dolan

Kirsty Dolan

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Kirsty draws upon her diverse experience of capability management and training to inform our approach at Realise. With pivotal roles in the marketing teams of some of the world’s most iconic drinks brands, she’s well placed to create methods that have true traction and longevity.

Tenacity and drive have taken her on an adrenaline ride of mega brands and entrepreneurial start ups, working on large-scale events such as the Olympics 2012, implementing digital projects across multiple territories and launching new communication platforms for global brands. For Kirsty every day is a learning day and with her clear, upfront attitude she imparts that enthusiasm and energy to her clients and their teams.

Kirsty is responsible for developing learning modules across all areas of the marketing mix.

Kirsty’s team skills play out on the local netball pitch, and her lust for adventure sees her always plotting the next family holiday or fun weekend away. As a mother to two young girls, every day she is adding to her already impressive skillset, and is now a proud puppeteer, painter and world-class negotiator!