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Julie Macken

Julie Macken

Passionate and direct, Julie enjoys getting straight to the point in order to get things moving and working properly. Her scientific training gives her rigorous focus and her MBA gives her the insight into what a business truly needs to work. Priding herself on her ability to see the crux of the issue, she works side by side with her clients to create and execute a plan that realises the potential of their business and team.

Over the last 20 years, Julie has clocked up serious clout in the industry and around the world, with diverse roles at big Pharma brands, consulting in Japan and working for the British Chamber of Commerce as well as lecturing postgrad MBA students on marketing. Working with a wealth of Managing Directors and business owners, she believes that when companies put marketing at the heart of their business, they’ll succeed. Simple as that.

Julie is responsible for leading clients and projects across a broad spectrum of marketing.

Her home life takes place on a small-holding in rural Oxfordshire, where her two children are being brought up in a rural idyll – one’s already an accomplished wood-turner, the other gathers and sells her own honey. Urban dwellers - no, equipped for life – yes.