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Jo Gourley Froome

Jo Gourley Froome

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A solid grounding in how we learn and retain information is a very useful tool to have in this business. With a degree in Philosophy of the Mind, Jo’s passion for people is perfectly placed to unpack, understand and rebuild a team’s capability. Her ever-creative and often quirky approach means the content she designs and the workshops she facilitates make a genuine impact, not just on the day, but in the weeks, months and years that follow.

Jo thrives on the day-to-day energy and diversity her role brings. After nearly 20 years in the industry – the last seven as a capability consultant across various sectors from IT, Pharma, engineering and retail to FMCG - she still gets a kick from seeing people get that light-bulb moment. Jo’s genuine interest in helping people achieve their personal objectives, means sessions are tailored to fit the group rather than an off-the-shelf approach.

Jo is responsible for keeping our learning experiences fresh, engaging and results oriented.

With three young kids, Jo doesn’t have a whole lot of free time, but what she does have she puts to good use on her bike or more recently at the piano – realising a lifelong ambition to learn.