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Elena Barbieri

Elena is a Marketing Consultant, Researcher and Trainer and as an archetypal branding expert teaches Consumer Behaviour at the Marketing Master in Università Cattolica. She also supports B2C and B2B companies (local and international) with research, consultancy and dedicated training. Elena’s mission is to bring the customer to the heart of all their strategies, helping businesses to grow while delivering valuable solutions to people.

Elena has a 20+ years solid Business Marketing background and held the position of Consumer Insights Manager at Mondelez for 12 years having a a multi-national approach and an innovative strategic perspective and supported the Company in all the main EU transformations such as portfolio strategies & innovation, brand architecture, company culture & processes.

Elena is an out-of-the-box thinker and a creator of simple & effective tools to discover deep brand emotional meaning. She helps people to find the confidence in themselves to provide valuable solutions that will drive business results. Open to understanding from failure she is always ready to celebrate successes. Motivating people towards personal and professional growth is definitely one of Elena’s missions.

Elena lives in Italy with her family, where she is a mum to a son and a daughter and loves spending time with them playing sports and games, painting and dancing.

Elena is also the author of “Insight. L’anima della marca” 2014 and is currently writing another book on Archetypes. Elena facilitates in Italian and English.